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Water Law

When discussions arise about natural resources, it’s often oil and gas that are in the front of most people’s minds. Here in Texas, water is as critical a resource to our economy and growth, and the ability to produce and disperse water will play a crucial role in the future of our state. That’s where the Water Practice Group at Sprouse Shrader Smith comes in. Our lawyers are well- versed in groundwater law and rights. Our firm’s location in the Panhandle, where groundwater is more abundant than down state, means we know how important it is that farmers’, ranchers’, and others’ ownership of groundwater under their land be recognized. We work to protect their ownership as well as interface with local regulatory agencies on permitting and metering. Our attorneys have testified at state House and Senate hearings on various pieces of legislation impacting water rights, and have also represented clients on issues that have arisen locally.

Our attorneys offer experience in:

  • Purchase and Sale of Water Rights
  • Ownership of Groundwater and Ownership Disputes
  • Permitting / Production of Groundwater
  • Takings Litigation
  • Challenging Desired Future Conditions
  • Practice Before the Texas Water Development Board

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