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Agriculture law refers to the regulations and mandates related to agricultural production. While the term “agriculture” includes growing crops in fields or raising cows in pastures, agriculture and agribusiness actually cover a wide span of activities.

Food processing plants, farm machinery manufacturers, agrochemical producers, and countless other operations are all ruled by the directives collectively known as agriculture law. Each of these endeavors have a unique set of rules and regulations, creating the complex landscape of agriculture and agribusiness regulation. Finding the right attorneys in Amarillo with knowledge of agriculture law can help sort out the intricacies of the industry’s regulations.

What is agriculture law?

Agriculture is one of the most regulated industries in the United States. Producers and processors have to deal with laws and regulations at the local, state, and federal levels. These laws and regulations come from state and federal legislative acts, environmental agencies, water authorities, and county zoning boards, among other entities.

Complying with agriculture law is where experienced attorneys in Amarillo can help. These Amarillo attorneys handle all sorts of legal issues for their clients, including organization of agricultural businesses and cooperatives. Experienced attorneys can also handle guidance on real estate transactions, bankruptcy proceedings, litigation and dispute resolution, and labor and employment issues. Other common areas where skilled attorneys can help include estate and successor planning, regulatory issues, environmental and water disputes, and oil, mineral, and gas exploration.

Who practices agriculture law?

Agriculture law, a multi-discipline area of practice, requires knowledge in other areas of law including general, administrative, and tax law. Attorneys in Amarillo who practice agricultural law go to school in order to be prepared to practice and gain the experience necessary to assist their clients successfully. However, some Amarillo attorneys find their practice taking on more agricultural cases, even if they are not as experienced in that area. Additional experience may be needed to become proficient in agriculture law and related areas for their clients. You can find an attorney in Amarillo with the education and the experience to represent you.

Many agricultural attorneys in Amarillo play active roles in the agribusiness community and become part of the American Agricultural Law Association. Others join local farming and ranching associations. Look for Amarillo attorneys that take part in these activities to represent you.

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