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Lateral Attorneys

Change is good. Change for the better, even better. Lateral attorneys who join Sprouse Shrader Smith find their new home a change for the better. Each lateral attorney we meet is interested in making a change, though the reasons for doing so are as varied as the candidates. Interestingly, we find that the reasons for their interest in Sprouse Shrader Smith tend to be very similar—when they chose to practice law, they expected something more; they expected to be challenged by interesting, varied work; and they expected to become part of a team and take on significant responsibility.

We are always looking to hire talented attorneys.
You can view our current open positions here.

To apply, please send a cover letter and resume to:
Logan Bartlett, Recruiting Coordinator
Phone: 806.468.3300

If you call a direct line, you will not be able to leave a message, please call back later.
We are also not able to receive email, if you have questions or need to get in touch with anyone in our firm,
please call our main line 806-468-3300.