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Chase brings a unique background of organizational leadership and business experience into his legal practice. Prior to becoming attorney Chase had a successful career in the United States Army, where he served as an Infantry Officer and as a prior enlisted soldier in the Signal Corps. He has also worked in the very competitive hardwood lumber industry as a buyer, seller, and broker of hardwood products for domestic and export markets. This background provides Chase with a first-hand understanding of the challenges of leading people in an organization, and doing business in a constantly changing environment where economic conditions, as well as regulatory requirements, create a near constant need to adapt. He has learned not only to “think like a lawyer,” but also to think and problem solve like an entrepreneur, a team member, and a leader.

Chase enjoys working alongside entrepreneurs, small & growing businesses, and startups of all shapes and sizes. Whether working through business litigation, or assisting to develop strategies to avoid and minimize the risks of future litigation, Chase works with businesses to offer advice and counsel as they are navigating through the legal framework in which they operate each day. Chase believes that legal services and counsel can add value to your business when used proactively by allowing you to stay out in front of legal issues that affect your business rather than waiting for problems to develop. For this reason, Chase is on a mission to help business leaders and entrepreneurs learn how to leverage legal services to their advantage in a way that is cost effective and preventative.

In addition to a general business focused practice, Chase also loves to work with artists and creatives on issues of special concern to their businesses such as artist’s rights, artist management, copyright, contracting for creative and artistic services, and how creative rights affect advertising and marketing for any business.

Chase can also assist startups considering US Small Business Administration programs such as minority owned business programs, veteran owned business programs, and woman owned business programs.

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Chase was born in Durham, North Carolina, and he grew up in Marietta, Georgia. He is a Duke Blue Devil basketball fan by birthright, and a Georgia Bulldog football fan by conscription. He has been blessed to be married to a very lovely and talented Texan, and to have three bright and spirited children. If given the opportunity to recommend a book, he will definitely recommend “Extreme Ownership: How U.S. Navy SEALs Lead and Win” by Jocko Willink and Leif Babin. In addition, he has been known to mishandle a guitar and write some songs from time to time. Chase also likes to bake cakes for his family on birthdays because the process allows him to express his creative side, and because he really likes cake. Finally, it should be noted that he was second runner-up for “most witty” in his high school senior superlatives and that he believes that his coaching prowess in powder puff football should be enough to get him a side gig on the defensive staff of Texas Tech’s football team.